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Release the app already! The whole Bulletintech office has been waiting for this for a year now.

Eric Garay

The option to combine gigma & soundcloud playlists is really exciting, we’re hyped about this. Especially since you can buy SoundCloud followers & get more clout on both platforms.

Nils H.

Come visit us in 2019 and check out our GIGMA playlists!

Ralph Boyd, Pub Fitzroy

Even though we helped GIGMA in testing with specific electric instruments, we can say that we are absolutely blown away by their new app.

Kendrick Burke, Electrician Sydney

The kids love the gigma prototype. We firmly believe it’s going to take over the music industry.

Steve Henderson, best kids karaoke machine 2018

The focus-mode on this app is incredible, lightyears better than other brainwave enhancers on the market

ross cameron

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